Meet Golden Cross Board Member the Rev. Marie C. King

By Guest Contributor

The Golden Cross Foundation is blessed to have a committed, caring, and experienced board. Meet board member the Rev. Marie C. King.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A: I am a PK (preacher’s kid and a teacher’s kid). When anyone asks me, “Where are you from?” it is never a short answer. Methodist clergy move/itinerant. I was born in Mississippi, my family later transferred to the Louisiana Conference, where we resided in southern, northern, eastern, western, and middle parts of Louisiana—The Boot. I have been a Tennessean since high school.

After becoming a registered nurse, I answered my calling in ministry. I currently serve as the Order of Deacons, chairperson. My church homes are John Wesley UMC and Belmont UMC. I am serving as the lead pastor with Banks Chapel - St. John Charge, in Springfield, Tennessee.

Q: How many years have you served as a Golden Cross Foundation board member?

A: I have been a member of the Golden Cross Foundation for a number of years. My ministry with the Golden Cross Foundation began when we were known as the McKendree Village Foundation, when McKendree Village had a covenant relationship with the Tennessee Conference.

Q: Why are you involved in ministry with older people via serving on the Golden cross Foundation board?

A: My experience in healthcare as a registered nurse, faith community nurse, and ministry in the church has led me to realize a gift in ministry with senior adults. I have always loved the wisdom that seniors share about life and enjoy listening to seniors share their stories. A part of my calling to advocate for the multifaceted concerns of seniors is rewarding for me. I have advocated for healthcare concerns that benefit seniors and vulnerable adults.

Q: How has God blessed you while serving on the board?

A: The blessing is being part of a ministry that connects with the community to bridge the church and the world in meeting the needs of the senior community. It is a blessing to realize the ministry of GCF enhancing various ministries of local congregations which also strengthens the community while being the hands and feet of Jesus. It is a blessing to see how the seeds of kingdom building continue to grow and touch hearts, lives, and communities.

Q: What hopes or dreams do you have for the Golden Cross Foundation over the next year? In the next few years?

A: My prayers are that the GCF ministry expands and continues to grow to meet the multifaceted needs of seniors and their families, and continues to strengthen collaborations with agencies that support and advocate for the needs of senior adults.

Q: What’s one little known fact about you?

A: I worked as a receptionist with National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)—also known by some as the weather bureau. That was an interesting job. At one point I was asked to consider being a meteorologist. That would have been an interesting ministry setting. One of my responsibilities was to record the daily weather on the call-in phone weather report service and the weather report on the local weather radio channel.