What is the Golden Cross Foundation?

The Foundation is a self-sustaining funding and support agency for older adult ministries in the Tennessee Annual Conference endorsed by the Tennessee Conference Council on Connectional Ministries.

What are the funding sources for this expanded older

adult ministry initiative?

  • An initial seed gift of $50,000 by the McKendree Village Foundation from available funds was announced at the Tennessee Conference’s 2012 annual conference
  • A dollar-for-dollar match of every gift to the Golden Cross Foundation in 2013 by the McKendree Village Foundation from available funds up to a maximum of $50,000 during 2013
  • Funds raised by the new Golden Cross Foundation exclusively used for conference older adult ministries

How is the Golden Cross Foundation governed?

The Golden Cross Foundation is a non-profit corporation that is governed by a board of directors representing each district in the Tennessee Conference. The board of directors is elected by Tennessee Conference delegates at an annual meeting.

How does the Golden Cross Foundation relate to the Tennessee Conference?

  • The Golden Cross Foundation is an extension ministry of the Tennessee Conference.
  • The Golden Cross Foundation presents an annual report with complete financials at the annual conference session each June.
  • Board of directors nominees are approved each year at annual conference following the conference nominations process.

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