Christ UMC Receives $6,378 Grant

Christ United Methodist Church in McMinnville, Tennessee, received a $6,378 grant from the Golden Cross Foundation. The grant was used to address and correct a potentially hazardous low-lying area at the church’s main entrance.

“Whenever it rained, water would puddle in the low-lying area,” said Ken Roberts, finance chair at Christ UMC. “In the winter, water would freeze into a sheet of ice, thereby creating a potential safety hazard.”

While children might consider the frozen ice a fun mini rink to skate on, the church’s older adult-led fellowship group realized it was hazardous for older members and visitors, especially those using canes or needing other walking assistance.

To remedy the situation, church members received a bid from a company in the community to dig a trench and install stormwater piping. To help cover the cost of improving the low-lying area, the pastor and key lay leaders from older adult ministries, finance, and trustees applied for and received a grant from the Golden Cross Foundation.

“We are grateful to God that no major accidents happened before the area could be fixed,” said Roberts. “Thanks to the matching grant from the Golden Cross Foundation, we were able to take care of the drainage issue once and for all.”

Rev. Sommer Worley, pastor at Christ UMC, added, “Before, the puddling water prevented some people from entering the building through our main entrance. I am so glad we had this ready for a couple who recently joined the church – she is in a wheelchair. Now our entrance is easier and safer for everyone to access.”

While rainy and snowy days at Christ UMC can still be inconvenient – think of juggling raincoats and umbrellas – the puddling water hazard is gone. The improved entrance is a tangible sign of the church’s commitment to be welcoming and accessible to everyone who attends.