Older Adult/Boomer Webinar with Peggy Bargmann

Older Adult/Boomer Ministries with Peggy Bargmann:
Five Things You Need to Know to Minister to Individuals with Early Dementia.
Wednesday, April 22, 2020
1:00 pm, Central Daylight Time (Chicago, GMT-05:00)

Older Adult Ministries
A Time for Learning and Growing!

Is your congregation primarily a “graying” church?   Do you have more older adults in your church than younger people?  Are you concerned about your ministry with an aging membership? Do you wish you could revitalize your church and receive training in older adult ministries? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, we can help you and your church.
Sunday, July 26, 2020
2-5 pm, Central Daylight Time (Chicago, GMT-05:00)
Carthage United Methodist Church
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