Intentional Ministry by, with, & for Older Adults


A brief outline for church leaders to help in planning intentional older adult ministry.

  • Appoint a Task Force or Team
    (Preferably 6 to 10 older adults with various life, work, and faith experiences)
  • Design a ministry by, with, and for older adults that meets needs and provides services
    (e.g., survey older adults, do an assessment of your local church ministry, and survey the community and social service agencies in your area)
  • Develop various ministry options recognizing that one
  • Ministry-type does not meet all the needs of older adults
  • Provide opportunities for enrichment, socialization, service and spiritual growth of older adults
  • Use lifestyles, not age, as the determining factor in ministering with older adults
  • Make outreach to older adults a ministry priority
  • Make your church building accessible
  • Plan ministry involving all generations
  • Consider the needs of older adults as you prepare your church budget and add staff


Prepared by Dr. Richard H. Gentzler, Jr., Director – ENCORE Ministries.  ENCORE Ministries is funded by the Golden Cross Foundation of Tennessee Conference – UMC.  For more information contact:  or visit