Legal Needs Assessment of TN Citizens 60+

The Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability (TCAD) is conducting a Legal Needs Assessment of Tennessee citizens age 60 and over.   TCAD is conducting this assessment as part of a federal grant to improve the delivery of legal services to Tennesseans age 60 and over in the most need.   Here is a link to the assessment:

If you would share the assessment link with your congregation, I would be most grateful.   The more completed surveys that TCAD receives back and the more data they can collect, TCAD will be able to tailor the existing legal assistance program to better meet the needs and provide access to justice for our target population.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Laura E. Brown, Esq.
General Counsel
State Legal Assistance Developer
Elder Rights Director
TN Commission on Aging and Disability
502 Deaderick Street, 9th Floor, Andrew Jackson Building
Nashville, TN   37243-0860
Phone:   615-253-4392
Fax:       615-741-3309