Scam of the Month (Feb. 2017) Jury Duty Scam

Jury DutyRecently, in Metro Nashville and Davidson County, there has been an increase in the Jury Duty Scam. The FBI first issued a warning about this swindle in 2006.

In this particular situation, a scammer calls and pretends to be a cop or a court officer and says that you have failed to report to jury duty and a bench or arrest warrant has been issued. To resolve the problem, the caller tells you that you will need to provide private information to “verify” your identity. Your birthdate, social security number, etc. or you can pay a fine to “cancel” the warrant. HANG UP! This is a scam!

Court officers typically correspond with prospective jurors by mail and they will NOT call asking for confidential information or for payment over the phone.

A Metro Nashville & Davidson County government website,, has also issued a warning on their jury duty page cautioning prospective jurors to disregard these scammers’ attempts and to report it by calling Metro Police Dept. non-emergency line at 615-862-8600.

Tips to protect yourself:

  • Never give out personal information like social security numbers, DOB, etc.
  • Never give out financial information like bank account numbers or credit card information
  • Do not react out of fear. You have the right to verify any requests for information

Sources: FBI & websites